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Hair Extensions

Clippers offers taped hair extensions for customers. Whether youre looking for longer hair, more layers or thicker looking hair - we have the right hair extensions for you. Our taped hair extensions are provided by Hairtalk, the number one tape brand in the world. Book a free consultation today with one of our stylists to get the right hair extensions for you.

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Step 1

Arrange a consultation, free of charge with one of our stylists. You can do this on our website or by calling 018470483.

Step 2

During your consultation we will pick the right colour and length of your extensions and find out some background on you and your hair history. We will then order the hair you pick (usually delivered in 1-2 working days) and arrange a time and date for the application of the hair extensions.

Hair Color Palette
Hair Styling

Step 3

You’ll then arrive to the salon where we will apply the new extensions and style your hair to your liking. Our stylist will talk you through post-application treatment so you get the most out of your hair and provide information on timeframes for re-taping.

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